infinite space 2 - contemporary abstract painting by Wendy Grace.


Australian Abstract Painter

Wendy Grace is a contemporary artist who shares her passion for the natural world through her expressive abstract paintings. Her affinity with nature was encouraged from an early age with time spent in the landscape.  Summer days were often passed exploring the rock pools of the coastal regions of Victoria and in the cooler months the dense fern forests of Kinglake.  A curiosity and fascination was nurtured with the natural world, affection for nature that deepened through her adult life.  Travels to diverse locations north and south of the equator provided rich visual experiences and emotive memories of patterns and colours that interweave the past memories with the present.

Wendy likes to create paintings that transport the viewer to another world.  Using paint as the conduit for her thoughts and imagination and the process of abstraction, she distances real world associations to create organic compositions that vacillate between the familiar and the unknown. She says –

“My paintings borrow the incredible patterns that you see in Nature.”

Painting for Wendy is meditative, creating patterns of colour that seen to float across the canvas and paper, suspended in time.  Working intuitively on each painting with fluid washes of high pigment paint; shapes evolve in the process that invites a connection to the imagination.

“Painting is a time of intimate engagement with the process of creation. When you are so engaged with the work and it feels like the outside world no longer exists.”

Abstract patterns of colour bloom, splash and run making web-like forms.

Wendy says that –

“Exploring the painting process through colour, gesture and abstract composition is a perpetual journey in my work, a trajectory that parallels with the cycles found in nature.” 

Wendy has been painting professionally since 2007 when she completed her Fine Art Honours degree at RMIT University Melbourne. Wendy’s work abstract and landscapes has been shortlisted for a number of national prizes, including recently the John Villiers Outback Prize Queensland and she took first prize at the Frankston Arts Centre in 2017.

Her work is exhibited regularly in solo exhibitions in Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula and in regional centres and her work held in private and public collections locally and overseas.

Australian artist Wendy Grace Painter, Contemporary artist, abstract painter



2007      Bachelor of Fine Art Honours, First Class, RMIT University

2006      Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) with distinction, RMIT University

2004      Diploma of Visual Arts, RMIT University

Solo Exhibitions

2019     Reflections, Kinross Arts Centre, Toorak Uniting Church, Toorak.
              Infinite Space, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston
              Recent works, Sinclair + May, Melbourne

2018      Dream weaver, Art at St.Francis, Melbourne
              Feels like Summer, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento
              Quiet Rhythms, Sinclair + May, Melbourne
              Paperbark tales, Walker St Gallery & Arts Centre, City of Dandenong

2017      Sense of Place, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston

2017      Sirenuse, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento

2016      Winter’s Song, Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza Vic

2015      Soft Edges, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento

2014      Fluid Boundaries, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento

2014      Here & Now, Cambridge Gallery, Melbourne

2013      Memory Traces, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento

2012      Phantom Fields, Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza Vic

2011       Hint of Spring, Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza Vic

2010      Cycles, Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne

2009     Water’s Edge, Louey & Lane, Melbourne

2008     Leaving it open, Red Gallery, Melbourne

2008     Heading South, Bayside Council Corporate Centre, Melbourne     

2007     Slipstream, first site RMIT Union Gallery Melbourne

Awards & Prizes

2019      Art in Science, ACMD Art Prize, Finalist, St Vincent's Hospital Gallery, Melbourne

2019      John Villiers Outback Art Prize, Finalist, Outback Regional Gallery, Waltzing Matilda Centre, QLD

2018      Art in Science, ACMD Art Prize, Finalist, St Vincent's Hospital Gallery, Melbourne

2018      Open Art Prize, Finalist Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston

2017      Art in Science, ACMD Art Prize, Finalist, St Vincent's Hospital Gallery, Melbourne

2017      Spiritual Art Prize, Recipient, Collins Street Baptist Church, Melbourne

2016      ANL Art Awards, Finalist, The Mission to seafarers, Melbourne

2016      Art in Science, ACMD Art Prize - Finalist, St Vincent's Hospital Gallery, Melbourne

2016      Open Art Prize, Recipient, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston

2016      She, Finalist, Walker St Gallery & Arts Centre, Dandenong Vic

2014      Redland Art Awards, Finalist, Redland Art Awards, Redland Art Gallery, QLD

2014      Waverley Art Prize, Finalist, Waverley Woollahra Art School, Bondi, NSW

2014      She, Finalist, Walker St Gallery & Arts Centre, Dandenong, Vic

2014      Ficifolia Art Exhibition, Highly Commended, Drouin Community Chambers, Drouin VIC

2013      Outback Open Art Prize, Finalist Broken Hill Regional Gallery, NSW

2013      She, Finalist the Walker St Gallery and Arts Centre, Dandenong Vic

2012      Redland Art Awards Finalist, Redland Art Gallery, QLD

2012      St George Art Awards Finalist, Hurstville Museum and Gallery, NSW

2010      Outback Open Art Prize Finalist, Broken Hill Regional Gallery, NSW

2010      City of Albany Art Prize Finalist, Albany WA

2008     The Money Myth Finalist, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Melbourne

2007      Biennial Art Competition Finalist, Box Hill Community Art Centre Melbourne

2007      6o Art Prize, Human Landscape Finalist, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston

2004      Recipient, First Prize My Favorite Place Postcard Exhibition, Tivoli Artspace, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019      9 by 5 Exhibition, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong Vic
              SMALL, fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lance, Melbourne Vic                                              Botanical, Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy
              Immerse, Knox Civic Centre Foyer, Knox Vic
              Emerge, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne Vic

2018      SMALL, fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Vic
              9 by 5 Exhibition, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong Vic
              Resident artists exhibition, Heritage Hill Museum, Dandenong Vic
              Rhythm of Summer, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento & Flinders Vic

2017      9 by 5 Exhibition, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong Vic
              Singleton Art Prize, Singleton NSW
              Land, Sea and Sky, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza, Vic
              She Exhibition, Walker St Gallery and Arts Centre Dandenong Vic
              Recent works, Manyung Gallery, Sorrento, Vic

2016      9 by 5 Exhibition, Walker St Gallery, Dandenong Vic
              Australia Wild Art Awards, Sherbrook Gallery, Belgrave, Vic.
              East Melbourne Library, Melbourne
              Singleton Art Prize, Singleton, NSW
              Small Works, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne
              In Flux, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne
              Manyung Gallery, Sorrento Vic        

2015      Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza Vic
              9 by 5, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong Vic
              Panoply Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
              Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne, Vic
              69Smith St Gallery, Melbourne, Vic
              Geelong Grammar, Geelong Vic
              Fusion Fine Arts, Subiaco WA
              On Paper, Manyung Gallery Mt.Eliza, Vic
              Ficifolia Art Exhibition, Drouin,  Vic

2014      Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
              9 by 5, Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong
              Summer Sorbet, Fusion Fine Arts, Subiaco WA
              Belle Arti, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne
              Splash Art, fundraiser Kew Primary School, Melbourne
              Colours of Spring, Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
              Sustainable Living Festival, West Beach Bathers Pavilion, Melbourne
              Ficifolia Art Exhibition, Drouin Community Chambers, Drouin, VIC

2013      Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
              9 by 5 Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong
              69fifteen, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
               In Bloom, Gallery eight, Sydney, NSW
               Creative Sustainability, Gallery St.Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne
               Salon des Refusés, Bay of Fires Art Prize, TAS
               Vale St Studio Artist’s Exhibition, Vale St Studios Melbourne

2012       Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
                Open Studio, Vale St Studios, Melbourne
                Manyung Gallery, Sorrento, Vic
                Art Melbourne, Exhibition buildings, Melbourne
                69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
                Antipodes, Gallery Ranfurlie, Melbourne

2011         Small Works, Carbon Black Gallery Melbourne
                Manyung Gallery, Sorrento
                New Paint, Subject Matter Art Space, Melbourne
                Belle Arti Chapman & Bailey Art Award, Chapman & Bailey, Melbourne
                Vale Street Studio Artists, the Gallery St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne
                69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
                Seek, Level 17 Art space, Victoria University, Melbourne
                Medium Vinyl, Hardware Gallery, Sydney, NSW
               Autumnal Equinox – Photographic Exhibition, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne

2010        Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
                A little bit of summer, Breathing Colours Gallery, Sydney
                New Collectables, first site RMIT Union Gallery, Melbourne
                Belle Arti, Chapman & Bailey Art Award, Metro Arts, Brisbane
                Exquisite Palette, St. Luke, Melbourne
                Black & White, Pigment Gallery, Melbourne
                40% Wool, 60% Acrylic, Hardware Gallery & World Bar Sydney
                Medium Vinyl, Hardware Gallery, Sydney
                Launch 3, Carbon Black Gallery, Melbourne
                69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne

2009       Belle Arti, Chapman & Bailey Art Award, Melbourne
                New Collectables, first site RMIT Union Art Gallery, Melbourne
                Sara Roney Gallery, Sydney, NSW
                The Collectors’ Exhibition, Steps Gallery, Melbourne
                Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne
                Lioli Gallery, Melbourne
                Pinhole, 69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
                Coffs Harbour Postcard Show, Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW

2008       Botanica 08, Pigment Gallery, Melbourne, 
                Things @ Kings, King Street gallery, Melbourne,
                B&W shades of grey, Pigment Gallery, Melbourne
                Chinese Earthquake exhibition, Cross Bay Gallery, Sydney
                Déjà vu, Gardner Galleries, Melbourne,
                Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne.

2007       Unusual Contexts, Area Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne
                Works of paper, Imp Exhibition Space, Melbourne
                Linden Postcard Show, Linden Gallery, Melbourne

2006       Summer Samples, Intrude Gallery, Melbourne
                Graduate Exhibition, Rmit University, Melbourne

2005       New Collectables, first site RMIT Union Gallery Melbourne,
                Beneath the Surface, Fire Station Melbourne

2004       Cardigan, the Foundry, Melbourne,
                Couch Art, Area Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne
                New Collectables, first site RMIT Union Gallery, Melbourne


2017         Heritage Hill Museum, Dandenong Vic 

Commissions + Projects

2018         Commission painting private residence

2018         Commission paintings Wooded Hollow series, Rose Chapel, Gardner Wetherill & Associates NSW

2017         Commission painting private residence

2017         Museum of Lost Public Notice Project participant, coordinated by David Dellafiora and Phil Edwards,

                 George Paton Gallery, Melbourne University.

2016         Maibaum for Hanna, Installation, Small Space, La Niche, Melbourne

2015         Commission painting private residence

2014         Commission paintings Friday’s Child series, Oberon Estate, Merrijig, Vic

2011          Commission painting private residence

2009        Commission painting private residence

2006        Commission painting private residence

2005        Commission paintings private residence

2004        Commission painting private residence

Professional Activities

2019          Workshop, About colour, Kinross Arts Centre, Toorak Uniting Church, Toorak.

                   Volunteer Abbotsford Convent, convent kids; Sensory Art Lab and Your story garden(kids own publishing)

2017          Mentoring resident artist at Heritage Hill Museum, Dandenong Vic 

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9 by 5

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Rose Chapel, Macquarie Park, NSW; Rare Book collections, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne;

Rydges Hotels & Resorts;   RMIT University;  Private Collections Melbourne, Malaysia and USA

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