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Night stalker by Wendy Grace

Night stalker  2018

acrylic on board

12.5 x 23cm

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bark and blooms by Wendy Grace

bark and blooms  2016

acrylic on canvas

92 x 61cm

Maibaum for Hanna by Wendy Grace

Maibaum for Hanna  2016

twigs, ribbon, hemp

150 x 90cm

winter buds by Wendy Grace

winter buds  2016

felt, cotton, wire, paint

2cm diameter

Maibaum by Wendy Grace

Maibaum  2016

twigs, ribbon, hemp


buds in situ by Wendy Grace

buds in situ  2016

landings by Wendy Grace

landings  2015

acrylic on board

5 x 9cm

Early evening by Wendy Grace

Early evening  2013

acrylic on canvas

84 x 84cm

Guarding the shore by Wendy Grace

Guarding the shore  2013

acrylic on canva

110 x 76cm

forest floor by Wendy Grace

forest floor  2013

acrylic on canvas

102 x 52cm

downtime by Wendy Grace

downtime  2012

acrylic on linen

36 x 36cm

taddies by Wendy Grace

taddies  2011

acrylic on vinyl

30cm diameter

woolly by Wendy Grace

woolly  2010

Acrylic and wool on linen

36 x 36cm

Acrylic & wool made in China by Wendy Grace

Acrylic & wool made in China  2010

acrylic and wool on canvas

36 x 36cm

wetlands by Wendy Grace

wetlands  2010

acrylic on veneered mdf

19.5 x 29.5 x .5 cm

the drones by Wendy Grace

the drones  2010

acrylic and oil on canvas

30 x 36 cm

beware of the hole by Wendy Grace

beware of the hole  2010

acrylic on vinyl

30cm diameter

someone elses cat by Wendy Grace

someone elses cat  2009

acrylic on canvas

36 x 36cm

flight or fantasy by Wendy Grace

flight or fantasy  2009

oil on canvas

41 x 41cm

pale puffs by Wendy Grace

pale puffs  2008

wire, paper,fabric, glue & acrylic paint

107 x 51 x 20

pale puffs l by Wendy Grace

pale puffs l  2008

wire, paper, fabric, glue & acrylic paint

107 x 51 x 20

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